The API for banking data.

We give developers the tools to integrate with bank infrastructure. Access and authorize user bank accounts faster than ever before.

We have two primary products that allow users
and developers to effortlessly interact with financial institutions.

Plaid Connect

Every transaction tells a story. Plaid Connect allows you to dig into the narrative by collecting transactional data from credit, debit, checking, savings, and more accounts in a clean, usable format. We intelligently match the merchant name, category, location, and address of each purchase.

  • $24.99
  • 09/18/14
  • $14.77
  • 09/19/14
  • $35.40
  • 09/21/14


  • Hog Island Oyster Co.
  • Wells Fargo Checking
  • on August 29th, 2014
  • 342 Embarcadero St.
  • in Seafood Restaurants

Plaid Connect empowers developers
with clean, consistent transaction data

Plaid ACH Auth

ACH should be simple for both users and developers. Plaid Auth helps developers authorize and set up ACH payments in a few seconds with the credentials which users already know, instead of esoteric account numbers. Developers can also verify ownership and check balances to make ACH painless.

Authorize user accounts without microdeposits or account numbers.

Authorize ACH payments in seconds based
on the information users know in their heads

Plaid powers some of the largest and most trusted financial management apps in the world

plaid connect powers abacus

Abacus mobilizes expense management software

Abacus is a mobile-first expense management application that streamlines the expense submission process. Users can automatically submit expenses based on their transaction histories, which is collected by Plaid Connect. Once the expenses are approved, Abacus uses Plaid Auth to reimburse expenses straight to employee checking accounts.

plaid connect powers acorns

Acorns offers Invest the Change® which allows customers to save and invest.

Acorns promotes saving and investing money by rounding up credit and debit card transactions to the nearest dollar – automatically investing the spare change into a diversified investment portfolio. Using Plaid Connect, the Acorns app combs through customer transactions to make small incremental investments that work in the background of life.

plaid auth powers robinhood

Robinhood is changing the way the world trades stocks.

Robinhood is a zero-commission stock trading application. During the onboarding process, Robinhood hooks into user accounts with Plaid ACH authentication to execute bank transfers. This reduces the time to first trade, letting users focus on what matters.

plaid auth & connect power digit

Digit automates your savings

Digit analyzes your checking account every day for extra money that's safe to move into savings. Using both Plaid Auth and Connect, Digit is able to learn your spending patterns and make intelligent savings decisions.